Carpet Cleaning

Greentheme Services

With our full-line service company, Greentheme Services will help you achieve a healthy living and working environment in your home or property, get a carpet cleaning in Auckland

Greentheme services use state of the art equipment  to get top results at a very economical price for carpet cleaning Auckland.

We use an extraction method which  is the preferred method by most carpet cleaners –but aided by a rotovac rotary machine which also creates better results especially for heavily soiled carpets.

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Peter did a great job of cleaning my carpets. The service was friendly, prompt and exceeded my expectations. The charges were fair and reasonable.
Robin C.
Had a tenant who made a lot of mess after leaving, i'm lucky to get a fast, reliable property cleaning service!
Sophie L.
If you want your home to look neat and fresh just like how it was when you first moved in, then call them.
Olivia M.